Monday, December 5, 2011

FEMEN MALAYA - Dari Badai Semalam ke Ombak Rindu

(Demamkan Abang Aaron)

One day my buddy which has Christian name, but believe in Buddhism and pray for their ancestor say something like this “why good girl fall for bad guy eh”

She was referring to herself. When I think back I told myself “yeah lo why, eh.” Some time we ‘talk’/ ‘asked’ GOD why the HE make us fall for the bad guy. Eh uslah pulak. I mana ada boyfriend kan. Ha ha ha…

If she asked me today I will surely answer her easily like this;
“because my dear, we read a lot craps novel, from Badai Semalam to Ombak Rindu, and after that before we went to bed, we berangan we are Mazni or Izzah”

Ooh shiiiit!!!  we lah lagi. Never in my life berangan nak jadi Mazni atau Izzah. Tapi ada gak brangan  kawen dengan Keanu Reeves. 

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