Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cerita Pasal Bos2 Kite

Semasa saya berkerja dengan big 6, (dulu 6 sekarang 4 selepas dek skandal Enron), we call, even our big boss, (the owner of the firm) by their first name. American culture katanya. Saya baru berumur awal 20’an agak segan-segan juga. Memang masa interview itu interviewer memang dah spot yang saya ini introvert. Dia bimbang nanti saya susah nak menyesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran yang agak terbuka. Dia bimbang nanti saya tak buleh terima too many BS and four latter word that normally will be uttered especially during the peak period. Kata dialah. Memang saya fikir saya tidak akan dapat kerja itu pun, tengok tempat dia yang gah tu, pula tu masa tulis surat minta kerja saya tak pernah terfikir pula yang HRM itu stand for Hanafiah Raslan & Muhammad. Kalu ku tahu memang aku tak gatai antar resume pooong. Kira macam the beast dok sewel pi hantar application masuk pertandingan gadis Melayu, Unduk Ngadau or beauty pageant lah gitu.

Do BS & four latter words offend me? Let not get into it too much, because today I wanna write about something else, about the culture in Andersen and my current work place and also my current study place. Ok lah let us concentrate on my study place first. I am currently studying in the most expensive private university in Malaysia. It is a subsidiary of a GLC in natural monopolistic, (telecommunication) industry. I was told that we cannot talk to our president directly. We have our reps and so on. Absurd? Yup if you are straight from Andersen and jump into Telecom, yeah yeah…you will find it very odd, because you already get used to an environment where even the partner of the firm wants to be your friend.

Off courselah you don’t want to be stuck with them because they are old and they will only talk about work-work-work…I even can’t stand my senior… hallamak apalah this people, all their life work, only eh? They, on the other hand don’t want to be your friend either, because to them you are too lazy, too pampered, too mengada-ngada to be as successful as they are. You want big fat, pay check, but suruh buat kerja lebih sikit dah nak MC, orang suruh cuti belajar biar score gila-gila babi, dapat medal emas, medal silver or bronze, ini langsung satu paper pun ko tak lulus, hai macam manalah nak gantikan tempat mereka satu hari nantikan. Saya pula langsung lagi teruk, nak sign agreement belajar pun tak mau. Langsung tak mau belajar. Saya malu sendiri bila bos besar saya cakap “I think you should given MIT a serious thought”

Itu pasal kita tak akan jadi pangyau… but they are very nice. Kandang-kala, saya selalu rasa malu, Ya Allah kenapalah mereka ini sangat baik dan lembut tutur kata mereka terhadap saya yang miskin, kerdil. Kecil dan lemah ini. When they give you advice, they do sound like your mother and father instead of what you think, or imagine before. Because I always like to watch TV always see rich, snob bos will talk crudely to their worker, therefore heaving bos like them is like in a fairy tale. One of them do sound like your pangyau. You can always make joke and laugh with him. Yup he like to laugh a lot. But off course you don’t want to be stuck with him either because of his drinking habit. Only the Caucasian can stand and will stick around with him, be his regular drinking pangyau.

Now, I’ve been in this super elitis Telecom school for almost 2 years, I’ll be leaving the university soon as I wanna give a cheap government university a try, but I only see the President in the picture. I’ve been in a dean list but, I don’t know if the one who gave me the cert during the ceremony that day was the Dean or only the wakil. I don’t know what my Dean’s looks like. If you asked me now, what is his name, you have to wait for a while as I have to google first. ha ha ha….At least I know my dean is indeed a Man not Woman ok.

Ok, back with our Mr President, where does our Mister President be in this while, I also don’t know. I was only be told by the lecturer, even they can’t see Mr President. She told us she does not have the chance to talk to the President as and when she liked. Only the chosen one can talk to the President.

I think back of my office, yeah our bos don’t see us that often. Our boss will be very busy attending meeting and kursus. Bos in Andersen don’t attend meeting that much. If they do attend meeting as much as PPD bos do, they don’t have the time to review your work, let alone raising a review point when needed or read the painstakingly prepared cover latter and make changes where necessary. I always wonder how bosses in GLC and government agency at “ranting” level reviewing their anak buah’s work.

But off course when I was in Kementerian my bos himself/herself will review the work. We can’t send anything out to our client without heaving them reviewed or approved first by at least an Accountant. Yup, our bos in Kementerian also don’t attend meeting as much as our boss at district level. If they attend meeting pun, if still got time, they will be in the office even an hours or so. Thus no latter, or document get stuck just because no signature.

It is very rare of them to be out of the office for a long period, or period yang bersambung-sambung macam orang perempuan dapat datang bulan berekor-ekor. Kalu panjang pun pasal, cuti bersalin, cuti nikah, cuti raya yang memang semua orang cuti panjang pun, naik pangkat, kena pergi kursus wajib yang memang panjang.

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