Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kakak Shinta

Kakak love mathematics but kakak is too tired to practice Maths, as she have to help her father to take care of her  younger sibling. Cikgu Meera told kakak, if kakak wants to be good in maths, kakak have to do Maths over and over again. Kakak just don’t have the time to do maths over and over again.

Shinta love doodling she like power puff girls so much. Her favorite puff girl is Bubble. Shinta can draw a portrait as well. She draw her lovely mother doing some needle work, she draw her tabby cat, and also her neighbour’s rooster, lot’s of tabby and rooster, lot of Bubble. One day Shinta’s grandmother pay them a visit. She was shock to see Shinta’s work and scream hysterically, “dear, lord this is the work of syetan” And that was the last since, Shinta doodle Bubble, draw tabby, rooster and mommy.


Tulisan di atas di tulis khas buat cilik-cilik yang dekat di hati saya. Ya cilik-cilik...bukan cilik. Bukan seorang, sampai ada yang saya tak ingat nama mereka dan saya bubuh Kakak Shinta sahaja.

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