Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Maaf, Kerna Melukakan

I've talked to other friend, about a friend who was so upset with my art. My friend told me to do the things that I like and told me sometimes women has "her day". Don't overly think about her resentment/bitterness, her "sekular-liberal-wannabe" accusation.

I even told my Enche about it. Enche was also upset. Her initial reaction was

"sedihkan, bila dah tua-tua macam ini, orang muda kata kita begitu"

But after a week we choose not to think so much about "the secular-secular-things". It's the way some of us see those who like (to the point of obsessed) about pretty-pretty things. We went to Jalan TAR, KL for her daughter's wedding preparation. We can joked "see, what a secular-liberal we are!" when her daughter, was so fussy about her "Baju Nikah" and have to travel all the way to KL as she couldn't find the suitable one in Malacca.

Deep down inside I am still hurt about the blunder. So does my Enche, I suppose.

However, life must go on, and I choose to follow my friend's advise to do things that we like to do, and don't bother so much about what others might think. So, here I am, experimenting with my new project. hehehe...

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