Sunday, January 22, 2017

Finished Work

This Green Kufi is for my dear Office mate. Female, lah. Because of this, my other female friend get really upset, to the point of calling me Sekular liberal wannabe. I am not a wannabe, as I went to secular's school, my mom is not an ustazah. We don't to talk, touch (engage in debate) of Islam, as we are not an "Ahli" in it. We just follow Ustazs and ustazahs and don't have any was-was feeling about it. We do have badan Majlis Fatwa who regulate Ustazs' and ustazahs' content of teaching so that it do not deviate from the original teaching of Pbuh Muhhamad (saw). As far as Kufi is concerned, I've learned it form Ustaz Mohd Fadhil Sulaiman in a workshop, last year.

My conscience is clear about this kufi "business". However, I will concentrate on other thing because, if I continue doing Kufi, it may deteriorate my relationship with my buddy.

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