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Di bawah ini bolehlah nak kata ada rope essei. Rope jeh...iyalah orang baru-baru nak belajar...

Malaysia with population of 23.27 million is a multiracial country because 61% of the population is Malay, 30% Chinese, 8% Indians and 1% of other ethnic group. Due to this reason, it is important for Malaysian to find ways to keep us bound together so that we can live in peace and harmony despite the differences in race, cultural and religious belief. Some of the ways are,  active role of government in fostering unity, imposed punishment on those who promote hate and racism, active participation of community services and promoting cross-cultural communication especially to youngsters.
Malaysian government has in the past play a significant role in fostering unity through various programs such as 1Malaysia concept, open house for major festivals and advertisement. 1Malaysia concept is the path to lead Malaysian toward political stability, economic growth and social enhancement by accepting among races and to make them feel the sense of belonging together. Unity campaign through radios, television, and newspaper article is done so that the citizen is aware of the importance and the advantages of being united. Meanwhile, national-level open house for major festival like Hair Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali organized by the government helps visitor from different races mingle with each other, learned the cultural differences and respect each other and help to strengthen ties among themselves.   
A part form that government has the power to imposed a punishment on those who commit unruly act which lead to hatred and racism. Nowadays, with the advancement in Information technology, we can see some of us openly expressing their hatred towards others. They call names on people with difference races or accusing other races of being racist. Punishment like fine or put those who advocating hate and racism performed social-work for races that he or she hates can be imposed. Punishment always believes to be a solution to a problem. It make people realized promoting hatred and racism is unacceptable and harmful for the unity of the nation.
                Mean while, we as the citizen of a country which composed of people with diverse background can participate actively in community services. Volunteering our energy and spare time with people with different races and cultural background help us to get along better because activities like gotong-royong, rukun tetangga and charity drives are geared toward promoting interaction in the communities.
Last but not least, youngster should be exposed with cross-cultural communication. In the developed nation like America cross-cultural communication has been taught in higher institute of learning. This program help youngster to learn an appropriate behavior in a society with different culture and believe. Cross-cultural communication is believed to be an essential element for sustainability of a country.
In short, active role of government in fostering unity, imposed punishment on those who promote hate and racism, active participation of community services and promoting cross-cultural communication especially to youngsters can help people with diverse background get along better.  Only if we live in a peaceful environment, success and prosperity will be easier to attain.

Gadget is small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty. Examples of gadget are smartphones, iPad and tab. It is design either to make menial tasks easier, or provide us with information. However, it is often argued that gadget has destroyed communication among friends and family. Yes I agree it has changed the way we interact with our environment and other people, but to say it destroyed communication among friends and family is not that accurate. In fact if gadget is used properly it can actually enhance the communication among us.  Gadget is design as an information/Labour-saver, it is efficient and speedy.
Firstly, gadget is an information-saver. It either makes menial tasks easier, or provides us with information. Information indeed enhances the quality of our communication For an example it is easier to get information through gadget like smartphones and tab. Those who have certain hobby, for an example decorating a cake not only can enhance their skills of decorating a cake, they can also connected to more people with the same interest, thus expending their circle of friends. They can find information on where they can find supplier for the supply of ingredient in cake decoration. Also with information that they get through gadget, it gives them confident in communication with family and neighbor explaining to them on how they can come out with beautiful and deliciously decorated cake.
Secondly, with gadget, we can communicate efficiently. We post an update in watsapps, we-chat with our family members of our where about, or our activities. We don’t have to tell the same story over and over again. Family can get connected with each other from anywhere around the globe. We also can communicate with family member who work or further their study abroad with the help of gadget. Also with gadget, allows us to insert graphic, picture to make or communication becoming more interesting and easier to be understood. Thus gadget can enhance the quality of communication among friends and family.
 Thirdly, communicating via gadget is faster than doing it the old fashioned way. Off course the fastest way of communication is face to face but, most of us spend our time working. Some of us have to stay apart from our family member and friends. It is faster to send a massage using gadget form our work-place then waiting for us to get the chance to get together to convey our massage face-to-face. We save time and money travelling just to have the old traditional face-to-face communication.
Lastly gadget allows cheaper mean of communication. Unlike before, people have to pay handsomely if they communicate via phone call. Or if their friend or family member live at different geographical area, chances that they do not keep in touch at all is there.  With smartphone and tab, people can wats apps and weechat, application to communicate with each other, free of charge. They can also connected to the internet and it is much more cheaper using the internet as compare using traditional phone calls, or travelling all the way just to have a face-to-face communication.
In conclusion, for the reason that I have mention above, I believe gadget does not destroy communication among family and friends in fact it enhances the quality of communication by providing us with easy access to information, it is efficient, speedy and cost effective.

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