Friday, March 2, 2012

Ajaran Filsuf SESAT

One of my lecturer give-up her first job and because she told us that she like to talk a lot. Oh not because you like to talk a lot you’ll be a perfect lecturer, not that. It was because she’s worked for the administration in a company, and she found a lot of juicy gossip to talk about and she doesn’t feel good about it. Any religious women don’t like to talk bad things about other because in the back of our mind, we are haunted with the pepatah Melayu “Paku, dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih”. But off course, dear, the temptation always overweight the fear making it hard for us to keep our mouth shut!

Imagine this ok… all of the sudden a representative/an administration from a bank call you asking if so and so still working in your organization and asked for his/her latest phone numbers and bla…bla..bla which at the end of the conversation, you feel the urged to gossiping that the most respectable staff/officer in you work place has a financial problem!!!???

Thank God this is not happening in my office. But being in finance and administration can make you feel bad, the soonest you feel good.  You have the opportunity to see “the rotten part” of a respectable people. Unsangkarable kinda situation/story that have the value of being a very hot juicy gossip, ranging from forbidden love to finance. What really makes us feel bad is, we feel the urge to tell stories, which if we were caught in the same situation, we want to keep it as a secret.

The more I think of so many bad rotten story that we kept, the more I like finance and administration. It’s offer a challenge for us to keep a secret. My lecturer feel bad every time she gossiping around, or people came to her to verify certain gossip, and left her old job, but I will continue working in this sector as I am confident that now I can control myself from telling story. Off course I still talk a lot, but I teach myself to talk only positive thing lah.

True, true, true, positive story for you doesn’t mean positive to the other party, examplelah eh, your friend has second love, or in a romantic relationship/courting another woman (Muslim Men are allow to marry 4 women of his choice). Good for girlfriend, may not be good to the wife. If you are happy for the girlfriend, chances that you “kena hantam” with the relatives of the wife are big.  In the respectable ring of society, which I work as their KULI, the wife or what they normally call a “victim” will stay dormant and act like a prim and proper hopeless MADONA. It is the supporters who will do the job for her.

So, the best solution, is don’t talk, talk only about artist like Aaron Aziz, Natasya Hudson,(& the list will go on and on and on…) as I got the impression that my cikgu told us like this.. “talk/gossip ria about artist is ok as they already sold their ‘emansipasi diri mereka‘  to the public.” Memang sesatkan, cikgu saya itu? Takpelah sesat pu tak apa, yang penting dia HENSEM. Cikgu ko yang sesat ka, ko yang silap faham? apa pun kalu rasa diri tu dah mengumpat, tu istigfar banyak-banyaklah entri kita cerita pasal macam mana nak taubat dosa mengumpat yang saya baca dari tulisan Yusuf Qardhawi.

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