Friday, February 3, 2012

Siri Kembara Maut part 1

I was told by Mr Siew, our previous Pegawai Sukan, that Bukit Sedanan is the best Cross Country’s track in Melaka, for budak skolalah. I don’t ask  much about it. Yesterday I’ve asked our new Penyelia about it. How long & wat is the time range. Ok this is for Sekolah Menengah kid. The track is 8 KM long and it took the kids 15 to 20 minutes to complete the challenge ha ha ha! Whooaaaaa oohhh.

Also he told us that the track consist of “panjat-panjat bukit” that is to say he don’t see if  I have the energy to complete the task, perhaps I might well, end up in the hospital, injured or any mishap that nobody  want to encounter. ie. come Monday, everybody MC. Apa mau jawab sama Tuan PPD, kan. Budak tak injured, pegawai yang injured.

I don’t care. We wait and see. Wait for possing maut activity di check point yang dikata-kata hilly and I cannot go through safely.  How I am going to reach there?…he he mana bule bagi tau sekarang. Tunggu ajelah gambar-gambarnya nanti. Cewah macam bagus aje...

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